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Out of The Ordinary Weddings:
The Process

At Goldfinch we pride ourselves in delivering wedding flowers that are as distinctive and unique as you. Our Out Of The Ordinary (OFTO) weddings deliver a bespoke service to our couples who are looking for something fresh and unique - we of course provide your flowers but can also offer a full styling service, working with fantastic local and national suppliers to bring your dreams to life.

What we offer:

• Custom Quotes

• Mood boards and colour palettes to create clear visuals

• Bespoke installation and centrepiece designs to fit exactly what you need and visual drawings where needed.

• Hiring, styling and sourcing of items to create your bespoke look

• As much email communication as you need PLUS two free consultations (one at the beginning and again a couple of months before your wedding)

• Full priority service from Jen on the day of your wedding, meaning that we only take one Bespoke wedding on each day.

• Full set up, stress free service on the day - everything delivered and set up exactly where you need it. PLUS we can stay and move things on your behalf after your ceremony.

• Full clear down & disposal service following your wedding.

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Goldfinch is proud to produce amazing weddings for our amazing couples. We believe that love is love and that everybody regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or religion has the right to celebrate in their own unique way.

What To Expect


Lets Chat! We will schedule in a free consultation with you on Zoom or face to face at our studio. This is an opportunity for you to share all of your flowery dreams for your wedding. During this conversation we will give you a ball park figure shortly afterwards so you can decide if you would like to move forward with us. Once your deposit is paid then I will move forward with creating your bespoke proposal and designs.


Your flowers will arrive at the studio and they will be carefully tended to before being made into your custom arrangements


We will take another meeting, either on zoom or at the venue where we can walk through the plans and finalise numbers. At this point we will finalise your bespoke designs (if you are having any) and if there are any amendments needed to the quoted price.


The Goldfinch team arrives at your wedding with a van full of flowers and sets up, ensuring that every detail is taken care of, leaving you to focus on getting married!


We will send over your final invoice and quote and behind the scenes we will be selecting the best flowers for your big day, booking in our florist witches (our magical freelancers) and making sure we have all additional items ordered.


The following day we are back on site to clear away the arrangements (leaving behind any flowers you want to keep), leaving you to enjoy your first morning as a married couple.

Close up of roses and peonies

Request a Consultation

Please take a moment to fill out the form and I will get in touch to schedule a consultation with you.

Thanks for submitting!


1 / Do you have a minimum spend for a Bespoke Goldfinch Wedding?

Yes, I recommend a minimum budget of £2500 to work with me. Most of my couples tend to spend between £3-5k. I will consider smaller budgets (min £1.7k) for mid-week and off-peak weddings.

2 / Do you charge for delivery and set up?

Yes, delivery is charged at £0.60 per mile from our studio to the furthest point we need to travel for your wedding and back again. 

We charge a flat 20% on top of your arrangement fees to cover design and admin time and all of the people that we will needed to create your wedding, and this will include time for moving arrangements if required. For really big do's then there might be an additional charge to cover van hire etc.

3 / Do you offer a clear down / break down service and can we keep the flowers?

Yes we offer a breakdown service which is a minimum of 5% of your subtotal and covers milage back to the venue, time on site removing and breaking down arrangements, disposal fees and time spent cleaning hired items. This is increased to a minimum of 10% if the venue requires clearing down before 9am the following day.

Yes, you are very welcome to keep any arrangements that you like provided we get any vessels back (unless we have made agreements for you to keep the vessles beforehand)

4 / What should I bring to my consultation?

Its a great idea to have an idea of the following before we have our chat:

- What elements you need (wearables etc)

- What elements you would like (Arches and installations) 

- Your budget

- Any images of arrangements that you have seen and love (Pinterest board for example)

I don't expect you to know all the answers at this stage or what flowers are in season on your wedding day - this is why we are having this chat! Check out my blog post on wedding consultations to find out more.

5 / My Aunt is great at flower arranging - can she do the centrepieces?

Ah, this is such a tricky one. In our contract we have it specified that all flowers at your event (real, dried or faux) must be purchased through us. This is to ensure that there is no confusion over who did what, that the design style is consistent and to uphold our brand identity. It is also to avoid loss of earnings. 

This is not always set in stone, and we will make exceptions (some cathedrals do not allow external florists for instance) so we ask that you are open and honest with us so we are aware before turning up and finding someone elses work in place. Please note that we do not have this policy for our Menu weddings. 

6 / Do you hire items / offer styling?

Yes we do! We have a great selection of vessels, stands urns etc for your flowers to be arranged in and hire of these items is included in the cost of the flowers. We also have other items such as gift card boxes and candle holders that can be hired alongside our flowers. We can also help with styling your day (or put you in touch with an awesome stylist) to make sure that all of the finishing touches coordinate beautifully.

7 / Will my quote change after agreement?

We try really hard to not adjust our quotes once given by adding a bit of an inflation buffer, however the market for flowers is very volatile (think of a crazy auction where anything goes and no one knows how much they will have to pay each day) and we simply cannot guarantee that the price we quote one year will be the price we will have to charge the next. Your final quote will be confirmed before you pay your final invoice, we will endeavour to get this to you after our final catch up, and if there are changes expected then we will discuss with you at the final consultation. 

8 / Can we see a price list?

We don't have a price list for OOTO Weddings as each one is bespoke. I advise couples to anticipate budgeting around £150 on the bridal bouquet, £100 per table and a minimum of £1000 for installations. 

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