A beautiful reflection of a life well loved

In many cultures funerals are seen as a celebration of life and this is the attitude I approach all of my sympathy work with. The flowers I provide for your departed loved one are carefully curated especially for them. I do not have a catalogue of fixed styles and combinations for you to pick from so they are as unique as the person that they are for. 
I offer a very personal service, I am happy to meet at a place that you feel comfortable, make you a cup of tea and listen to you talk about the person that we are remembering (During this period all consultations are on the phone). I can include special flowers, plants or colours that they loved and even use flowers and foliage from their own garden. 

If you would rather not have a chat then you can order from the farewell styles on my online store. Each piece is still different and can be customised, but there are a few suggestions that can help provide a starting point.
I use foam free methods where possible so the displays will fully biodegrade if left on a memorial site.