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Alternative Wedding. Marshwood Manor, Lewis Murry Photography

Jess & Chris

Project Title

The Woodland Wedding


May 2023


Marshwood Manor, Bridport


Lewis Murray Photography

Jess and Chris’s wedding was an eclectic, witchy fest to behold. Set in the woodland of Marshwood Manor, Bridport the brief was ‘not a wedding, wedding flowers’. We used a lot of dried elements for the couple mixed in with unusual Toffee Frappe psychedelic roses. We didn’t want the arrangements to blend in with the woodland so instead we created a one sided installation to the arbor at the entrance of the woodland in deep rust shades and two basket arrangements of dried reed grasses to either side of the ceremony area.
Jess didn’t want a traditional bouquet so instead I made her a beautiful a bespoke dried flower moon to hold complete with blush preserved roses and a long trailing silk ribbon. Something that would last long after the wedding was over.
On the tables the couple used a mix of our amber and vintage medicine bottles and we added dried and fresh flowers to these to set amongst the muslin runners and above peoples heads on the suspended ladder we tied bundles of herbs, a nod to Jess’s love of using natural remedies. On the top table we created something truly unique; the couple wanted to incorporate a ram’s skull into the decor. Me being me jumped and totally encouraged this, we beautified the Ram with flowers creating a stunning and totally Out of the Ordinary centrepiece.

Goldfinch Branding
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