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Do flowers have a destiny?

Updated: May 6, 2023

It's Monday 20th Feb around 1pm and I'm pottering in the studio, tidying up and putting stock out in the shop while it's shut. The phone rings...

Man (sounding slightly strained): Hello! Are you a florist?

Me: Yes (thinking uh-oh bloke in the dog house after an unsuccessful valentines maybe?)

Man: I'm getting married tomorrow at the town hall in Wells, and we thought it would be nice to have some flowers for my bride and me. I know it's short notice but could you make us something?

Me: 😬 *pause* uhhhhhhhhh.... what time?!

Man: 10:30am

Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️

Me: our flowers don't arrive until 9am to be processed... I just don't think it will be possib...

Hang on.

(I look at the bucket of narcissi by my feet. Bought on a whim for valentines but I had loads left over unfortunately, and wasn't sure what to do with them and couldn't bare to chuck them out as I hate wasting product)

*returning to the caller* I have some narcissi... they are like small pretty daffodils. But that is all. I have enough to make a small bridal bouquet and buttonholes. They are gorgeous! Fully open, in a creamy white colour with a pale yellow centre, actually really bridal... OMG and the SMELL... they smell incredible! (I'm getting excited now) Yes we could do something with these, it would be so good to use them, they are so pretty, the cutest bunch for a bride, OMG, yes, these are perfect!!!

What do you think?

*groom consults with his bride to be*

Man: Sold!

Bridal Crown Narcissi bridal bouquet
Narcissi Bridal Bouquet

Cue turning round the quickest wedding flowers ever. Collected by the groom that evening.

Guy and Maria got married the following day and sent me a message after to thank me for helping them out, that the flowers were perfect for them. When Guy sent over the picture of them together I nearly cried. This simple, unassuming bouquet of spring narcissi couldn't have been a better fit for Maria's chic 70's inspired trouser suit.

A chic and stylish elopement wedding, photographed at the Bishops Palace, Wells
Guy and Maria at the Bishops Palace

I have learnt over the years not to fret when I have flowers left over. I can feel disheartening to know that you may have 'wasted' money when you are a small business. But time after time I have been shown that by letting go of this fear of monetary loss my flowers will end up going exactly where they were destined to go (and sometimes that's my living room to cheer me up).

So, if you are in need of some last minute flowers it's always worth picking up the phone and asking. We just might have something bought on a whim, but destined for you in stock 💫✨💫



Disclaimer: if you are getting married do try to give us a bit of a heads up 🤣. TA!

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