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Tips for your wedding flower consultation (from a wedding florist)

Updated: May 6, 2023

The likelihood is you will have never bought wedding flowers before (or at least not for a really long time). It can be daunting going into a consultation with a florist when you really feel like you don't have a clue what you need or what you should expect to pay, but rest assured we are here to help and guide you. Here are some tips to help you prepare for that initial chat:

  1. Work out what you NEED and what you would LIKE. The 'need' list is things like bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets and other wearables and centrepieces (plus roughly how many); the 'like' list might be a floral arch or suspended cloud. Once you have your 'need' list covered then you can work out what's left of your budget for the 'like' list.

  2. Be honest about your wedding flower budget with your florist. It's really hard to know how much wedding flowers cost when you have never bought flowers like this before, however we all know that on a spreadsheet somewhere some ball park figure will have been inputted ( put the average spend at 10% of the total budget). We need to know this, as even if there is flex it gives us an idea of what you feel comfortable with so we don't present ideas that make you run for the hills!

  3. Have a look on Pinterest and start a flower board. This is a really easy way to share images of things you like with your florist before or during our chat. Even if you can't find exactly what's in your head, a couple of images will give us an idea of the type of thing you are after and your 'vibe'. Plus we then have a visual reference to come back to when putting our proposal together.

  4. Be prepared for a little disappointment 😔; it's very possible that you have your heart set on peonies, but your wedding is in November... or maybe you have seen a certain shade of rose on Pinterest that you have fallen in love with, only for us to tell you that the photo is heavily filtered (see images below) and that colour does not exist in that flower. Or perhaps your dreams of a floral arch are just not attainable with your budget plus everything else you need. We are really sorry, BUT this is why we are having this chat and any florist worth their salt will help to offer alternatives or solutions to create the flowers of your dreams (or as near as possible).

Remember: we do not expect you to be flower experts, or know the name of every stem in season or have every last detail thought through. This is why you are paying for a florist to put your wedding flowers together, we will work all of those things out.

✨Jen ✨

Garden roses and viburnum , Ochi Weddings
Garden roses and viburnum
Bright Bouquet with Peonies, viburnum and gloriousa
Same flowers… no filter

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