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New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes I know, it’s February… but i have been taking a bit of a break to have some head space and figure out a few things.

Last year I announced the close of my shop and that I was no longer delivering bouquets. I knew that there were some other things that I needed to be doing to create a more for-filled (and affluent) life but I couldn’t figure it out while I felt like a busy fool (yes, harsh but true).

January has given me the chance to investigate my options and embrace new opportunities.

For the first time since starting Goldfinch I now have a second job to bring in more security during the down months. I am using my design and creative skills in a new way creating marketing materials and websites for other businesses. It’s early days, however I am enjoying this new challenge and I am very interested to see how this may grow in the future. I have also investigated other business enterprises which are still in the embroynic stage; some may launch, some may not and that’s ok. I have learnt over the years to not place all my proverbial eggs in one basket and to try new things and not be scared that they may fail or to change my mind. That’s part of the process of entrepreneurship.

I have also made a decision to go back to ‘school’. After taking a short course in Autism awareness with @sslcourses , my spark for learning was reignited and at the end of February I will be starting counselling training with a level 2 course. This is something that I wanted to pursue when I was looking at university options at 18, however after not performing as well as expected in my psychology A levels I was put off and so went the more creative route of a textile degree.

Again when I career changed 5 years ago this was something I looked into, however the idea of studying part time for 3 years with a baby blew my mind 🤯, it was not the right time. Now, I can see that pathway opening up again, and so I’m going to investigate it while I have the chance and a relatively ‘clear’ year ahead of me. Yes I will still be doing wedding floristry, however I have taken the decision to limit my numbers and up my minimum spend this year, something I have needed to do for a while. And yes, for the time being I will still offer funeral arrangements, and there will be a schedule of workshops at the studio.

I have come to the conclusion that part of my personality is that I am constantly looking to develop and learn new things. My self-dismissive inclination is to tell myself that I’m ‘a jack of all, master of none’. However what I am also starting to see is the pattern of how my life events have influenced me and how I choose to make money. Maybe I’m actually incredibly adaptable and resourceful? Or maybe I just get bored easily? Maybe it’s a combination of both.

What ever the reason I know that eventually it will all come together and this crazy career and life rollercoaster will eventually make sense. 🩷

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